Shamim Rafeek Live

Inspire, motivate your audience/groups/companies by booking Shamim Rafeek as Professional Motivational Speaker / Keynote Speaker. Shamim Rafeek is an authority and subject expert on topics like, Entrepreneurship Coaching, Business Coaching, Leadership Development, Teamwork, Selling Skills, Customer Service, Goal Setting, Change Management, Employee Motivation, The powerful case study or Dabbawala's etc. All talks are custom designed around your collective group's needs.


Proper training for the team members is very critical to the prosperity and growth of any business because they are one of the decisive factors for the various achievements of the Organization. We help your people to improve existing level of skills & knowledge so that they are better equipped to do their present job with more passion and focus. We help organizations in bridging the gap between what they are v/s what is their potential is. We customize the content to the needs of the target participants, so that the skills and experience of the participants can be drawn upon in the growth of your organization.

Apart from our standard modules, we also design and conduct domain specific training programs for top, middle management & frontline level, so as to enable them to perform their duties more effectively and shoulder greater responsibilities in the future, by increasing their professional competence. Go through our flagship Modules to know more about the comprehensive training solutions we offer.


Sales Dynamo

Designed and delivered by experts with deep experience in sales, marketing, behavioural economics and business psychology. SD�is a mind-opening, insight filled, action inspiring program that creates superstars out of your salespeople. It is the last-mile intervention in sales productivity that you have been waiting for! In this module we take an effective overview of the entire sales process including prospecting, getting appointments, building relationships, identifying needs, presenting benefits, overcoming objections, closing the sale and identifying cross sell opportunities. The workshop is designed to give the participants practical insights that make for a winning edge in sales.

Leadership Dynamo

Leadership is the key catalyst that positively transforms organisations and ultimately individuals. LD�is a powerful training program designed to empower your middle and senior level management team to transform themselves into great leaders. It offers the skills to tap into the best of people, use every ounce they offer to the company and to encourage them to communicate, collaborate and innovate at all levels of the organisation. The training methodology is an experiential learning exercise through doing AV presentations, activities, games, observing and providing feedback and analysis.

Winner In You

This unique program blends modern behavioural techniques with ancient wisdom to provide participants with an effective toolkit to help operational and frontline teams perform to their fullest potential. The module will help participants to develop a passion towards life and work, create a positive personality and learn the essential attitudes that make a winner. This high energy, action packed module will motivate participants emotionally and bring out the best in them and enthuse to take immediate positive action.

Team Dynamo

This energy packed Outbound Team Building exercises set against the backdrop of outdoor or indoor surroundings is filled with simple and innocuous management games, adventure activities and group tasks to bring out the best among the individuals. OBT Program aim to facilitate personal reflection and growth through individual and collective Change. Each & every activity challenges participants to think and manage more effectively in a changing business world. Out style is what you would expect from us : provocative, high-energy, fun and end of the day learning the spirit of winning it together!

Present To Win

The person who has the ability to commuicate his point of view with charisma, style and conviction often leaves the other people behind. Presenting in public is an invaluable skill that can transform your professional life and can even make your personal life more fulfilling. This training will enable you to present with a heightened state of awarness and be able to caliberate to all individuals in your audience. you can expect to learn strategies for building instant rapport, handling difficult audience members and measuring the audience's reciept of your message.

Mentoring skills for Leaders

Mentoring is a tool that organizations can use to nurture and grow their people, and it�s gaining in popularity. As organizations strive to retain hard earned experience and wisdom, they are turning to mentoring programs as a form of interpersonal knowledge management. Mentee�s observe, question and explore, while mentors demonstrate, explain and model. objective of this one day session is to give delegates information and tips for developing and managing the mentor/mentee relationship. As Leaders look for different ways to develop the skills of their people, mentoring is becoming a much used method and this workshop focuses on the skills and approaches necessary to become an effective mentor.

WOW Your Customers

WOW Your Customers - 101 Ways to Acquire, Retain & Satisfy Customers Any small business knows that customers are the key. But how do you make sure you continually offer the very best customer service and always put your customers first? You and your employees are a living extension of your brand, so you need to bring the values to life and deliver directly to customers. Remember, customers don't buy products or services; they buy good feelings and solutions to problems. Most customer needs are emotional rather than logical. By identifying and anticipating these needs, you are more likely to give your customers exactly what they are after. This one day training module will discuss in detail the 101 secretes of Acquiring, Retaining & Satisfying Customers.

Business Coaching

The future of any organization depends on how well the capabilities and productivity of its workforce is augmented at the right moment. Many organizations look upon Training, Consulting and Mentoring among many others to fulfil this need. Of late, coaching too has been recognized as one of the most powerful, cost-effective and focused ways of improving individual performance. The purpose of coaching in the workplace is to help clients put their best foot forward, by achieving both personal as well as professional goals. Coaching, thereby, becomes a potential, powerful tool to help people move out of their stagnant comfort zone, develop new skills and aim for greater heights.

Train the Trainer (T3)

This high-impact program shows you how to be a dynamic trainer, masterful facilitator, and polished speaker. The session provides highly focused practice and feedback so that you will leave with tangible skills you can use immediately. It is specifically structured for building your confidence quickly and skills progressively: from the fundamental skills of presenting content to the more subtle and sophisticated skills of leading a group of adult learner�s message.

Goal Puruit
Your ?leaders and employees? might not feel personally motivated to achieve your organization�s objectives, such as expan?ion,? increasing ?target? or creating higher-quality products. The problem is that employees may not have their own goals or their goals are not connected to organisational goals. By aligning company goals with employee (or personal) goals, an organization can be more productive and achieve its goals.

GOAL PURSUIT is a one day training module which will help the participants to understand the process of goal setting and how to align it to the organisational goals. The participants will leave the training hall with a better understanding of how to plan, ?written down goals, ?how to lay down the foundation towards completing their ?goals and some powerful tips to achieve it.
Creative Problem Solving

Due to the complexity of our business and difficulty in managing people, the challenges for our Team ?L?e?aders? are increasing. We often talk to them about 'think out of the box' for decision making and problem solving. But the question is "HOW"? Archimedes got the solution to his problem while taking bath. One of the ways to let creativity happen is to let the mind free. ?This new module is for ?the? Team Leaders to learn how to think out of the box for decision making and problem solving using 4 international tools?.? ?The participants will also get a work book which carries all the tools for Creative Thinking, Decision Making & Problem Solving.

Emotional Intelligence & Change Management?

Why do smart people fail? Why do technically brilliant individuals have trouble managing others and collaborating on a team? It is not because they lack intelligence or technical skills. Far from it. What they lack is a critical level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the ability to manage their own emotions and others� when they are under pressure. In this emotional intelligence module, we will focus on personal leadership by learning how to manage your emotions in your most difficult moments, enabling you to perform and lead at your best, and connect with others in a more meaningful way. This Change Management program will discuss in detail on effective and ineffective strategies to teach you how to make informed decisions on organizational change strategy.


Vijayee Bhava is an Entrepreneurship Development Program conceived by the Iconic Entrepreneur from Kerala, Shri.Kochouseph Chittilappilly and excuted through K Chittilappilly Foundation. Like the name of the program "Vijayee Bhava" it is a perfect partnership towards breeding a new Entrepreneurship culture in Kerala. With 30 plus participants. the 1st batch was started during Nov 2013 in Kochi. The 1st batch was started as an evening class spread over 8 weeks covering various topics like Entrepreneurship, Marketing, People Management, Financial Planning, Taxation, Innovation etc for Entrepreneurs from Ernakulam District. After the success of the 1st batch it was decided to change the format to 4 days making it open to all Entrepreneurs in Kerala.

Today, with 21 Batches completed, Vijayee Bhava has already trained more than 700 Entrepreneurs in Kerala. The success mantra's for Entrepreneurship is no more a secret. The vision of Shri.Kochouseph Chittilappilly to have more successful Entrepreneurs from Kerala will happen through this young and dynamic Entrepreneurs. The success of the program is its simplicity. No rocket science is taught here. No jargon's, No Big talks, its just the winning tips from Successful Entrepreneurs. The participants gets opportunity to interact with all leading Entrepreneurs from Kerala. The 4 days program is filled with interactions with speakers, discussions, activities, role plays, management games etc.